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We get lots of puppies !!!
Our puppies get adopted quickly, so we mostly post them on our facebook page.
Please check our facebook page for our current available adult dogs and puppies using the link below.
Available ~ Bella
Meet the beautiful Bella! Bella is a small lab X weighing in at about 43 pounds. She is sweet and gets along with other dogs. Bella needs to be in a household with a nice active couple and maybe one other dog. She is housebroken and about 2 years old. She is with a foster with 4 boy dogs, and is queen of the house as you can see! Please complete an adoption application for Bella today!

If you would like to welcome Bella into your home, please submit an application today!
Adoption Application

Available ~ Roman
Meet Roman who is about 2-3 years old. He’s a loving boy who can have a Meet and Greet with an approved adoption application in Southern Maine. Roman came in as a stray lab, thus, the name Roman ( roam’in) !! He loves to have his belly rubbed and likes to be around people. It is our evaluation that Roman should not be with cats at all . He likes to run and play, he settles down well too, but does need a person who will be a strong alpha to give him the directions he needs as he does want to please. Here is what one of his fosters said about him.
“He loves snacking on carrots! He’s a bit of a chewer so watch shoelaces, socks, and things left on the floor. He loves his toys, mostly chewies and nylar bones. He followed me every step I took and wants to be involved with you. He also likes activity and playing or running.”
We feel Roman would do best and be most successful in a home with no other dogs as he really likes the personal one on one attention and interaction. He is also on the smaller side and everyone who meets him loves his really labby look. If interested in him, you can have a Meet and Greet in Southern Maine with an approved adoption application. Please fill out the application by going to our web site and hit the applications tab. Roman knows to go potty outside and is very clean. He very silly and goofy as many labs are !!

If you want to welcome Roman into your home, please fill out an application.
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Available ~ Rolo
Rolo is a very sweet loving 2 year old boy who knows some commands, is house trained, can roll over, and fetch the ball. He loves to have his belly rubbed too. He might do well with some puppy classes and really wants to please. He can be seen in Southern Maine with an approved adoption application. He would do best in a home without small children and no kitties. His feet have a little bit of brindle on them. He is stunning and full of fun. He is excited at first to meet you and a little shy, but warms right up and is very calm. He weighs about 70 pounds.

If interested, please fill out an application today.
Adoption Application

Available ~ Black Raven
Black Raven-1Black Raven
Black Raven is a sweet black lab girl who is 2 years old. She was used as a breeding lab and may have had several litters. Her owner brought her the shelter after finding out that she was Heart Worm Positive and she was due to be euthanized until NELR and it supporters stepped up for her. We riased the funds for her to get the Heart Worm Cure and spay along with all her shots. She will be ready for adoption after Sept 20. She is loving, walks well on leash and likes other dogs. She would love to spend her life with your family and learn what it is to be loved and cared for. She might love to run on the beach, fetch the ball and do all the exciting things your family does. Please fill out an application today. She’s a beautiful girl and wants to be your best friend.

If you want to welcome Black Raven into your home, please complete an application.
Adoption Application

Available ~ Lara
Lara is a very loving and sweet girl who is a special needs Lab. She is about 3 years old, weighs 55 pounds and is a smaller sized yellow lab. What are her special needs? She apparently has had some trauma in her life and needs a specific type of home. She loves people and becomes very bonded and attached to her people and wants to be with them all the time. She is not good with any other dogs, or cats. She has some separation anxiety if you leave her at home alone. Seeing she won’t tolerate other dogs, she must be with her person all the time to be content. If you are there, she will be perfectly fine, content and wagging her tail and giving kisses. If you are interested in giving her that special home, we feel the best situation would be that she be with a couple who are home all the time, or with someone who works at home or in a shop. She just panics if she is left alone. She would also probably do OK with older children, but we feel it would be best if a very special home could be hers, that is UNIQUE. So basically, no dogs, no small children, no cats, and people… she adores!! She needs to be with someone all the time.

If she is the sweet girl for you or an older person who stays home a lot and needs companionship, please fill out an application today.
She is a darling dog that will love you so much. Please say LARA on your application. Thank you
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Available ~ Sophie
Sophie is a very sweet girl of between 4 and 5 years old according to her medical exam at the vet’s office. This is not set in stone. She has greying on her muzzle and it could be that she is a little older. But, in any case, she has many years of companionship for you. She is trained, house trained, knows commands, walks well on the lead, get on well with other dogs, loves people and she sounds like a dream lab !! Please fill out an application for her today. She will be in New England very soon.

Adoption Application

Available ~ Rosie
Rosie is a super sweet girl of 2 to 3 years old. She is spayed and up to date on all her shots. She will headed to New England soon. She likes other dogs and especially people. She knows commands, is house trained, and even willing to learn more. She would like to have a fur sibling. Please fill out an application for her today.

Adoption Application

Available ~ Lilly
Lilly is a 2 to 3 year old lab who is just so very sweet. She gets along with other dogs and love to be with people too. She would like to be in a home with another dog. She is house trained, knows commands, happy and silly and would love to come to your home. She is spayed and up on her shots and ready to come to New England Soon, Please fill out an application today for Lilly. ( Just look at those eyes ! )

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