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Available ~ Bella
Meet the beautiful Bella! Bella is a small lab X weighing in at about 43 pounds. She is sweet and gets along with other dogs. Bella needs to be in a household with a nice active couple and maybe one other dog. She is housebroken and about 2 years old. She is with a foster with 4 boy dogs, and is queen of the house as you can see!

Please complete an adoption application for Bella today!
Adoption Application

Available ~ Karley
My name is Karley and I’m 2.5 years old. I am about 48 pounds and up to date on all my vaccinations and have been treated for heart worm I’m super sweet and smart girl. I am eager to learn and looking for a family to call my own. I am on the calmer side and I love other dogs. My foster Mom says she thinks I will be good with cats as I seem to ignore them. I do a good job with my 13 year old human foster sibling and my foster mom thinks I will be good with kids! I’d really do well with a home with another dog. Right now, I really like to be with people so I can be sensitive and nervous right now when alone. What can I say, I just love people so I’d do best with family that are home more often at this time. I am working on house training and my foster mom says I go potty in the right places and am not destructive with things in the home. I am doing well on a leash but still need a little work. All I really want is a safe and loving home with a family to call my own. Do you think you could be the family for me?

If so, click on the link below and put in an application for me!
Adoption Application

Available ~ Mason
Mason is a beautiful Cream Yellow Lab boy who is neutered, up on all shots, preventatives, and rabies. He is Heart Worm Negative.
This outgoing guy is 2.5 years old and weighs about 80 lbs. He loves to be cuddled. He also plays great with other dogs.

Mason is staying at our Doggie Resort in Acton Maine and he is available for a ” Meet and Greet” any day of the week. Once you fill out an adoption application, we will contact you if you are approved to adopt from NELR and then also please indicate if you wish to meet Mason before adoption.

He is a good boy, has lots of energy, loves to run and fetch, has come a long way from when we saved him from euthanasia for lack of space in a southern shelter and boy is he ever ready to go and meet his forever family. He loves people and has lots of energy and exuberance, so please take caution with small children who are unstable on their feet !!

He is a lab who will need some puppy classes, lots of walks, hikes, swimming and running on the beach or in the meadows.
He is not to be in a home with cats.

He does well with other dogs and people, although it did take work to get Mason to warm up to men.
Mason is super friendly with women but has been developing a fondness for men while he has been invested in by NELR.
He must have had an abusive encounter at one time with a man, and his trust of men needs to be built up and desensitized.
Therefore, we think Mason would do best in a all female home. ( But go and meet him and see how it goes !! )

Mason is SMART and a fast Learner and wants to please you so much. He needs a person to direct him and take him on as a lab that has tremendous potential but needs the time and investment to end up with a superior companion lab. He has it all in there, he needs to alpha pack leader person to invest their love into him. He will do all he can to please and is not aggressive. He wants to be loving encouraged to know what to do to please you!

Can you be this person for Mason?
Adoption Application

Available ~ Faith
Introducing Faith, black lab approximately 1-2 years old, heart worm treated, UTD on shots and microchipped. More information to come.

Adoption Application

Available ~ Jessa
Jessa will be heading to New England!
Jessa is approximately four years old and weighs about 60 pounds.
Jessa is currently in a foster home and we are learning more about this sweet gal. Please check back for additional updates.

If you would like to welcome Jessa into your home, please submit an application today!
Adoption Application

Available ~ Chance
Chance! This sweet and handsome fella was rescued just hours before he was scheduled to be euthanized. He is a bit scared—who wouldn’t be if they were in Chance’s situation?

Chance is safe now and is warming up nicely to his foster family.

This gentle boy weighs approximately 65 pounds.

Welcome to New England Lab Rescue Chance!

If you would like to welcome Chance into your home, please submit an application today!
Adoption Application

Available ~ Leah
Sweet Leah is looking for her forever home!
Leah is approximately 2-3 years old and weighs about 62 pounds. Leah is cautious when meeting new people but once she warms up to you she will be your best friend forever!

Leah loves to take walks, enjoys car rides, loves her belly rubs and treats. Leah is a low to medium energy girl and would do best in a quiet home with a family to help build her confidence. Leah is currently being fostered with a calm dog who she enjoys spending time with.

Leah has had a rough past but has come such a long way since being rescued. Leah most likely spent her young life in an outdoor kennel, which our vet believes she constantly gnawed on. Due to that, her front teeth are completely ground down to the gum line. At this point in time, her teeth are not causing her in issues.

Leah is still startles easily but this has been improving with time. She is far more relaxed and is learning that she will only be treated with kindness from here on out, will always have her meals each day, and is very treat motivated.
Leah is spayed, micro chipped and up-to-date on all her vaccines.

If you are looking for a companion who loves car rides, cuddles on the couch and is content just lying by your side, then Leah may be the girl for you!
Adoption Application

Available ~ Rocky
Meet Rocky! Rocky is approximately one year old and weighs about 89 lbs. Rocky is an extremely sweet guy but will need some work on his house training skills. Rocky is a large dog and he is strong—we would recommend a home with children over the age of 13.

Rocky is looking for a home with a strong leader who will set boundaries and a family to provide additional training.

If you would like to welcome Rocky into your home, please submit an application today!
Adoption Application

Available ~ Wynnie
Meet Wynnie! Wynnie is a sweet and loving lab puppy, about 6 months old, who had a harsh and not loving start to this world without the care she needed and deserved. She was abandoned and found outside with her siblings and terrified of people. She did not know what love a human being could give her until now.

She’s been in New England for about a month and she has made a huge turn around. Once so scared she wouldn’t come out of a crate or when she did she would cower in a corner and freeze when her foster mom pet her, She now wags her tail, craves affection, licks her foster moms face and attempts to initiate play. Another favorite time is to lay her head against her foster mom and snore while cuddling on the couch.

She still is shy at first and she takes time to come around with new people. She does show interest but she does sit back and needs time to see that others are safe and ok first. Her safe places when unsure are her crate and the couch. These are the places she will go to or a corner of a room while she figures things out. She also will look for her foster mom for another place for comfort. Wynnie still startles easily, loud noises or unfamiliar sounds do scare her. She sometimes will whine. She needs assurance, guidance and patience.

She is close to being potty trained. She came not potty trained at all, to getting pee pad trained and then spent a week with her foster mom staying at a friend’s house caring for their dogs and teenage daughter and Wynnie benefited from this very much. The time with the other dogs is just what she needed to help with potty training. She now goes potty outside! Since she is back home she has not been using pee pads and has done her business outside, however she will not alert you yet. Huge strides for Wynnie lately!

She does like other dogs, she likes to lick them and play. She would do best in a home with another dog. She also does well with cats, again she will try to look to them for comfort and lick them.

She is learning how to be a puppy and is finally learning to play with toys. She isn’t fully house broken but close as she is just learning to be a puppy and now starting to take things that aren’t hers, but we are working on it. She knows what the word no means.

She needs someone to keep an eye out on her when not in her crate. She has not been tested with children other than a couple older respectful teenagers. So far she has been in a quieter home. She is now going to start going out into dog friendly public environments. She is working on being leash trained as well and making progress. Wynnie is crate trained but has started to whine in her crate at night if she knows her people are up and around, she really enjoys being with her foster mom. She will stop whining if ignored.

If you are interested in sweet Wynnie, please fill out an application today!
Adoption Application

Available ~ Tyson
This love bug is Tyson! Tyson is approximately one year old and is just awesome! He is very loving, knows basic commands and walks well on a leash. Tyson is very attentive, smart and loves to play ball!
Tyson weighs approximately 40 pounds but is looking forward to putting on some more weight as he is a bit under weight.

If you would like to welcome Tyson into your home, please submit an application today!
Adoption Application

Available ~ Missy
This beautiful gal is Missy! Missy is about four years young and weighs approximately 50 pounds. Missy is a very laid back girl and loves people!

If you would like to welcome this beautiful girl into your home, please submit an application today!
Adoption Application

Available ~ Lady Missy
Lady Missy-1Lady Missy
Lady Missy-2Lady Missy
Lady Missy-3Lady Missy
Lady Missy-4Lady Missy
This gorgeous gal is Lady Missy!
Lady Missy is between 5 and 7 years old and is house and crate trained.
Lady Missy is currently being fostered. Please check back for more info as we learn more about her.

If you would like to welcome this beautiful girl into your home, please submit an application today!
Adoption Application

Available ~ Gunner
Introducing Gunner! This little munchkin is approximately 4-5 months old and weighs about 30 pounds. Gunner is happy, friendly and loves to play!

If you would like to welcome this ball of cuteness into your home, please submit an application today!
Adoption Application

Available ~ Ginger
Introducing Ginger! This beautiful girl is almost a year old and weighs between 40-45 pounds. Ginger is looking forward to putting on some extra weight.
She is a good girl, great with dogs, adults and children. She is currently being fostered with a cat and is doing great!
Ginger is house and crate trained and does well on a leash.

If you would like to welcome this beautiful girl into your home, please submit an application today!
Adoption Application

Available ~ Cooper
Cooper is a stunning chocolate boy who weighs in at 75 pounds and is about four years old! Cooper is a happy go lucky guy who is very playful. He knows basic commands and gets along well with children.

If you would like to welcome Cooper into your home, please submit an application today!
Adoption Application

Available ~ Ivy
Ivy is a gorgeous little lady and is about a year old. Ivy and weighs about 50 pounds. Ivy is a happy go lucky girl who is very playful. She knows basic commands and gets along well with children.

If you would like to welcome Ivy into your home, please submit an application today!
Adoption Application

Available ~ Meg
This beautiful girl is Meg! She is 3 ½ years old and loves to give kisses and just hang out at home with you. Meg would do best in a home with no small children. She is okay with other dogs but is not very interested in playing with them. She’d rather do her own thing or be loved on by a person.
Meg does need some leash work but is eager to learn. She’s a good, loving, very loyal and independent girl. Meg is crate trained and can be left home alone outside of her crate for short periods of time.

If you would like to welcome this little lady into your home, please submit an application today!
Adoption Application

Available ~ Tad
TAD is available for adoption today. Please fill out an application for him if you feel he would be a good fit. Tad is a one person dog, he loves his person and is totally loyal. He is OK with other dogs, but as long as he can have YOU as his alpha, he will do well. He needs some training so puppy classes are a must. He is young, eager to please and wants to be cherished and loved. He has a lot of love to give and would do really well in a women’s home because he is insecure around men for some reason until he gets to know you. His background is un-known as far as abuse goes, but he really needs a home where he can thrive and blossom. He may have been hit bay a man in the past and that is why he is shy with men. He needs a strong alpha to direct him and then, he feels comfortable and will do as you please. Tad is a sweetie as well as a stunning lab. He is cream in color, weighs about 65 pounds, on the small side, is very shy, needs activity and someone to teach him not to be afraid. He is ready to go now, would love to be in an active family who can work with training, and give him the life he so deserves. Tad is about 2 years old, up on all shots, neutered and ready to pack his bags and join you this week. He can be seen at a our doggie resort in Acton Maine right now. He is a wonderful boy who needs to love and be loved. Go on our website or on Face Book to your left to fill out an application for this stunning boy. Tad also needs to have nyla-bones around to chew on because he feels he is accomplishing a task if he can chew. He’s just so adorable and will wrap his arms around you to hug and kiss.

Adoption Application

Available ~ Bentley
Gentleman Bentley Is looking for his forever home !!
He is a small lab mix that is very creamy in color, on the little side, about 5 years old, with LOTS of energy to play, fetch, hike, swim and get tuckered out. He is a sweet boy and was due to die in March, but we stepped up for Bentley. He has been treated for heart worms, is up on all his shots, neutered, and has had his rabies. He just needs his forever home. AND… he loves chewy treats to keep him occupied. Chewy’s are a must !!!!
Bentley will need a strong alpha to instruct him on what is expected of him and how to go about every day life. He loves to nibble at your fingers which is a form of play but he needs to know that is really not appropriate. He always wants your full attention and he wants to be at your side all day long. Cats might be an issue, so we feel no cats is a good thing for Bentley.
He must have more than just daily walks. He has energy to spare and that’s the kind of lab that many people are looking for, one who can they can do all kinds of things with outside. He may do well taking puppy classes even though he is five. Bentley is also not too crazy about crates, but he will go in with a little coaxing and some treats. He needs instruction from his people on what is expected. This is a rescued dog who probably has not had a lot of input, so now is your chance to make a total difference to this boy.
He will need a good diet and he was underweight and could still use some extra treats.
He seems like her is harboring a little puppy in his lab body, but really, he just needs someone to take him out and play fetch or a person to come and meet him at our Doggie Resort in Acton Maine where he is staying until we find a foster home for him. They love him there, and say he is growing and learning every day. He is becoming all he should be with investment.
We feel that because Bentley is so active, he would do best with a young couple or older children who can become his alpha pack. Young little kids might be at risk of having this sweetie play a little too rough.
OPEN YOU HEART AND HOME for Bentley today. He is handsome, and wants to learn and have some FUN !!!!!

Adoption Application


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