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Name: Korbin
Approximate breed: mix
Gender: Male
Approximate age: 2 years
Approximate weight: 63 lbs
Vetting/Vaccinations: Up to date
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Good with Children: Teen+
Good with Dogs: Yes, outside of home
Good with Cats: Single pet home
Housetrained: Yes
Crate Trained: Yes
Ideal Family: Only pet
Adoption Fee: $550

Korbin has been through a lot of changes in his short life and he would love a forever home to make just one last move to. He recently found a wonderful family that loved him very much, but unfortunately the resident dog and Korbin never got to a point of bonding and everyone agrees that it just isn’t meant to be and we don’t want anyone to feel stressed or not included. Korbin loves playing with other dogs and is very friendly, but after all the big changes he has faced, we think he’d really love to have the security of being an only pet in the home so he can get all the love he so deserves (same with cats, he’s ok with some but we just want him to get all the happiness and love). He’s very sweet with kids (though we’d recommend older/teens in the home for stability and in case of happy jumpies) and he’s sweetly even figured out how to “play” with his previous foster’s 14 year-old dog who usually avoids fosters. Korbin is very smart and has done lots of amazing training; getting used to car rides enough to hop right in to get a pup cup and go for adventures (he used to get nauseated from anxiety), and he knows useful basic cues (sit, down, wait, drop it, paw, and is good on leash)! He’s a bit shy in new situations; he’s a thinker and just needs a little of patience to get his bearings, but once comfortable he is friendly, loving, and playful. He loooooves his people and is a “world-class snuggler” that really rolls out the red carpet when greeting you, even if it’s only been a moment (you will feel like royalty!). He was very timid when he first got into foster care, but positive reinforcement training has turned his life around and he has so much more confidence and gets compliments on what a well-behaved pupper he is ❤ It’s been touching to see his journey, but he is ready for his happily ever after with a lucky family that will continue to practice positive reinforcement to keep up his confidence. He enjoys toys, playtime, going for walks, cuddling, and is even great at downtime. He loves deeply and has a beautiful heart he can’t wait to share with his very own family!

A note from Korbin’s recent adopters, “We expected it to take a little time for Korbin to become comfortable with us as his new family, but he instantly proved to be a loyal and affectionate companion. Despite his 60 lb frame, Korbin is convinced he is a lap dog and he is right. One of the best! He was home cuddling with us on the couch on the first night and would seek out any opportunity to snuggle!! We truly wished things worked out with Korbin as we do miss him dearly. I have no doubt that he will make a great member to the right family!”

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We are a shelterless rescue. All of our dogs are housed in foster homes to help them de-stress and get used to a home environment while they await adoption, giving us the opportunity to understand their personalities and needs.

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