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Special Labs 

“Listening to Labs” is a program developed from our experience with our NELR Labs being returned because either they just don’t fit the entire family lifestyle for things such as barking too much, jumping up on little children in the home and knocking them over (without malice of course), or for such things as medical issues, behavioral issues, separation anxiety, and many more.

Each Lab usually has one issue that stands out.

We have listened to what they have told us in the only way they can, by acting out the problem, so we can observe and find the perfect home for them which would also be beneficial to the adopter as well.



Molly is a wonderful, loving and non-aggressive sweetie of a lab, but when her Mom and Dad and the kids go out for dinner or Mom has to take the kids to school and Molly is alone, she exhibits severe separation anxiety.  She chews on the window sills, scratches at the door, pulls up the flooring in front of the door, and barks incessantly.

Molly is trying to tell us that this home may not be the perfect fit and it would be better to place her into a loving home where someone is home all day, 24/7.

Molly would thrive in this home and be so content… and the adopter who needed companionship would also be content and satisfied.
All Molly needed was to be with someone ALL the time.

Simple right? Not exactly.

It takes a special home for her, one that would commit to helping her overcome her fears.


~Would you be that home?~ 

These are the labs that have special needs. They are dogs that have loudly let NELR know what they want and what they need to thrive.
If you fit the profile for one of these homes, NELR would be so grateful for you to adopt a Special Lab.

If you were the perfect home and did not have the funds for the adoption fee, we will work with you about the adoption fee.
These valuable and precious labs need homes with loving people who are committed to them and will work with them to overcome their issues.

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