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Adoption & Foster Info 

Like any family, or community, there comes a time when we must ask for help and this is an important and much needed type of caring home that we are looking for. New England Lab Rescue is looking for a few new homes for some very special dogs who have some specific needs until they can trust again. 

Some of our labs or lab mixes, through no fault of their own, have found themselves in some very scary places, either forgotten, alone in a shelter filled with hundreds of barking dogs for example. Sometimes this can affect a dog to the point that they just need some special care, much patience and love.  Their needs often require a safe and loving place to decompress, learn to relax and see what life is like in a more stable environment.

So, we are looking for  "special needs" homes and team that can work with our NELR behaviorists and help recondition the dogs. This takes a quiet home, without dogs, without small children, a "safe harbor home", that allows a dog the time and security to be transformed.  

You would have a behaviorist to work with you either in person, on conference calls or zoom meetings. As well as the support of other members of our team. 

We are calling our new foster team, The SAFE HARBOR TEAM.  

Here is what a Safe Harbor Home looks like….

Homes that are secluded, remote, no other dogs, no little kids, no cats, no stressors , not much  traffic,  very few neighbors ... just a quiet home that offers, good nutrition, structure, boundaries,  training, treats, positive reinforcement, behaviorist input, and just nothing going on but maybe quiet music, a TV,  and a couch or dog bed for snuggles.


Daily walks around the house, or to get as much exercise  as they need to be mentally healthy and some educational training that is on going for the home and environment that will benefit the dog tremendously.  We will cover the costs as well as supporting you along the way. 

If you can provide this environment, and would like to work with a team of professionals who want to see rehabilitation on any level, please consider filling out the  application and note that you would like to join our "Safe Harbor Team".   The dogs will never forget you, and you will have an amazing impact making all the difference to these innocent dogs.  Please do it today.  We have people standing by to review your applications and our "special labs" are praying and hoping for you to join the Safe Harbor Team.  


In the section that says, "I am willing to foster the following (please check all that apply) *" please check sick, disabled, and/or behavioral to be considered for the program. 

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