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What is an Interactive Non-Profit?

Why does NELR consider itself an “Interactive”

Non Profit Lab Rescue?

We are” interactive” in that we feel we must involve and give the opportunity to incorporate our fans, friends and supporters to allow us to pull as many labs as we do on a yearly basis. We pull about 400 every year, get them vetted, neutered or spayed, treated for issues such as heart worms, mange, needed surgeries and get them on transport to New England at the cost of $150.00 – $175.00 per dog or puppy.

We have a very supportive and highly active group of about 25 volunteers on our NELR team who are ready at a moment’s notice to move in to rescue a dog from euthanasia for no other reason than for lack of space in the shelter. They all dedicate hours to many departments of the organization. It is our mission to save as many Labs as we can, do the research, get them vetted, find foster homes or boarding for them, and all that goes with pulling a dog from death. It is very extensive and the costs are becoming prohibitive. This should be no deterrent to our saving lives so we reach out to the public for their personal involvement. If we don’t, we will not be able to keep our rescue successful and many labs will unnecessarily die.

I used to feel awkward asking for funding to save lives, but as the dogs come off death row, into a safe and loving place and eventually into loving forever homes, I realize that we actually are giving people who really care an opportunity to be directly involved with saving a dog’s life. The feeling of reward is worth every cent, not only to the giver of funding, but to the families who will love them in the future and to the dog whose life is transformed.

What better way to support those who have donated hours of time and expertise to saving lives than to actually be the very means by which the life is saved. We appreciate every cent that goes into saving these labs and lab mixes. They deserve to live and to know love. We simply can not do it without you which in reality, makes YOU, our supporters and friends, the REAL RESCUERS.

Thank you,
Heather Labbe’
Founder/ President, NELR Inc.

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