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Adoption & Foster Info 


Our goal is to find the best match based on the Lab's background and the family’s needs. The temperament and energy level of the dog are our most important consideration. We also consider factors in the home, including the ages of children, ages and other types of pets in the home. When we have an appropriate rescue Lab in a foster home, the placement coordinator will discuss the rescue Lab in detail with the applicant, or the applicant may talk directly with the foster “parent”. We want our adoptions to be 100% successful!


Puppies (up to 6 months): $575 
Adult Dogs (6 months to 6 years): $550
Senior Dogs (8 years and older): $375

The donation partially offsets some of the foster care expenses, veterinary costs, and transportation expenses incurred by New England Lab Rescue.  We will send you the PayPal link with your contract. 


Before filling out this application, we simply ask that you look at a few considerations about this kind of commitment before applying. 

~Find Your Lab!~ 
If you think one of our available labs is the one for you and your family, fill out your application right away!  Completed applications will be reviewed by a team of over 30 volunteers whose only mission is to find the best family for these wonderful Labs. If your application is eligible, you will be contacted for a phone interview where the Adoption Coordinator will determine if the Lab you selected is a good fit for you and your family. If you are a good fit, you will be approved and sent an Adoption Contract to review and execute.
If you just weren't that perfect fit for the Lab you wanted, or you just know you want to rescue a Lab even if you don't have a specific one in mind, never fear!  Your application stays on file for six months.  Our adoption coordinators will keep you in mind if the perfect match becomes available.
We get a lot of applications, so sometimes it takes time to find the perfect match.
~About Our Labs~ 

The majority of our Labs are saved from very high kill shelters and placed into their forever homes. Because the majority of our dogs are rescued from desperate situations, we rarely know their entire histories or their specific breed mix. Due to our limited foster home space and overwhelming interest in our puppies and young labs, ‘meet and greets’ are rarely an option. Our Labs are in private foster homes where they are loved, safe and evaluated until the day they are adopted. Your Lab has traveled very far to come live with you. Please allow at least a few weeks to a few months for them to get settled into their new home.  Your Lab will feel more secure once they realize you are returning home every day and you are giving them a warm place to sleep every night and plenty to eat.

~Adoption Application~ 

If you are confident you can provide one of our precious Labs a loving and safe home, please complete the application below.
Click on the button on the top of the page to apply.

All adopters must complete an application. There is a one time adoption fee application of $25.

If, for any reason, the adoption is not a success, the Lab must be returned to NELR as stated in the Adoption Agreement.

New England Lab Rescue reserves the right to take possession of a rescue Lab that is neglected, improperly cared for, develops a serious temperament problem, or is allowed to run loose.


~Transfer of Ownership~ 

Adopters must sign our Adoption Agreement that states the Lab will receive proper care, cannot be transferred to another person, and will not be allowed to run loose. Each Lab will be traveling with current USDA Health Certificates in place within 10 days of travel, and will meet the state’s regulations on quarantine before travel. At the time of adoption, we will provide you with copies of the Lab’s medical history. You will receive certificates of health, rabies vaccination certificate, and vet papers indicating spay/neuter procedure. If you adopt a puppy who is too young to be neutered or spayed, you must sign a contract stating that you agree to have the Lab spayed or neutered by your vet at your cost. We do not forward AKC paperwork even if it is available.

~Post Adoption~ 

Volunteers will be available to support you should problems arise or you have questions or concerns.



We need foster homes in Southern Maine immediately!
We also need foster homes in GA, NC, SC and TN.
Join the fun of fostering short term.

Our Foster Coordinator will contact you once your application has been processed.
What are the requirements to be an NELR foster home?

- Must own a comfy couch
- Must like walks
- Must like car rides
- Must laugh at funny antics
- Must like to play ball
- Must be patient and kind
- Must be forgiving of spills/accidents
- Must love snuggling

There are many opportunities to foster one of our dogs right now! Message us or fill out the foster application to get more information about how you can find your perfect match and favorite co-pilot. 

(Photo of NELR mascot, Governor)

Source: Project Precious Rescue, Inc. 

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